New Maneuvers and FAI List

Hello everybody,

as far as I know new maneuvers have to be suggested and then presented to the FAI. Are there any efforts by the pilots to add the new maneuvers (Cork, Booster, Joker, Cowboy, Misty to Reversed Heli, Heli to Reversed Sat ...) to the list of maneuvers that can be rated in competitions?

In my opinion currently successful competition runs are neither creative nor attractive to the spectators due to the current list of maneuvers and the antiquated coefficients.


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Well, it is still mainly due to the amateurs (and their friends) that the world cup takes place at all ... Of course you cannot do always exactly the same, but wether you do rhytmic to anti-rhytmic or esfera looks just the same ...

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And amateurs have nothing to do in World Cups anyway ;-) Also Every run can't be like you said as you can do rythmic only once heli only etc, so there is a time where you have to change ;-)

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Theo, thanks for the reply -- at least there is some hope ;-)

However I do not think it is about being simple, bad choreo or one particular run being boring; it is much more about all of them being the same. Almost every run currently has some kind of Rhytmic/Anti-Rhytmic at the beginning, then some Heli/Sat stuff and finally a Misty/MacTwist/DynamicStall before the landing ...

I agree, this is not only due to the outdated list of maneuvers, but also to this new rule. In addition this rule pushes amateurs towards performing tricks they did not properly learn yet ...

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Since last year a small group of top acro pilots is working on adding the new manoeuvers, the problems is nother is ready yet to put them in and we are working on it hard.

Please take not that the new rules says that you can't repeat a tricks more than once during a world cups and that some runs are boring because of a bad choreography from a pilot but with a good choreo a simple run can be beautiful.

But we are working on changes, please be patient.