Costs of making it to world aerobatics championships?

Why are there only 33 ppl competing this year? Is it too expensive for pilots without sponsors to afford?

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You said it Mike :)

And in addition, it is the World Championships = each country have to delegate their limited amount of pilots. And yes, it is expensive :)

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it's very expensive to not work and train to be comp ready. Another example is no support from Associations to represent countries, this would be different if it were on TV etc. It also isn't rewarding to compete. Fly for fun, love it, make it a healthy lifestyle. Make it serious and it'll be your job. Go see how the top guys behave in Organya or at a comp, what they do is hard work, trimming wings, sponsors, little rewards and money stress.
Acro is amazing but it is a judged sport in competition which has it's limitations like any judged sport. At least if you did curling you'd go to the olympics, what happens in paragliding comps bluefloy?