Dudek Freeway XX vs Emilie

Freeway XX: Anyone has tried? impresions? mainly for learning helicos, misty?
I'm TOW 90 I don't know if 19,5 or 22, I think it would be funnier the 19.5 but I don't know how it reacts, someone that has flown it could give some feedback plis.

Other option is go directly to an emilie 22, as it is already an acro glider I think big size is better, any opinion which would be better to progress?


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Hi again. If you already tried this maneuvers - best coice for you is ACRO soft glider. You dont need bigger than 20 sqm. For 90 TOW - 20 is perfect for beginning.
In my opinion you will just spend your tie with freestyle glider. After EN-B glider i begun to fly with 20sqm thriller x3. And after 1 month of flight i changed it to 17 sqm glider, also thriller, because its soft(its really important dont buy hard glider for first, size is not so important). And with 17 sqm i did infiniti only for 17 flights in Oludeniz. But im sure i would spent much more time with bigger glider.
Now i can do any trick but its still difficult for me to do perfect heli with big and especially with freestyle glider!
Smile is really nice glider but for start its TOO hard.
Of those which i tried the best one is Thriller X3(but now its little bit old) and Peace. Sure its about soft gliders for beginning.
For intermediate and high level of acro there is a lot of perfect gliders: blackout(now i fly with it and im happy), U8 etc.
Have a nice choice and enjoy your progress ;)

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Hi Artemiy! thanks! yes I've done a SIV and I'already have stalls sats WO and some helis. Is just that I have to choice now how to continue and that are my questions freestyle wing vs acro wing and size 20 or 22. I think is a good option the emilie becouse is more focused on acro than a freestyle, however I've not tried and I don't know if 20m would be a lot.. while 20 in a freestyle would be safer, but I don't know if the tricks would be as easy to perform. Are in 22 helis more dificult? Peace better than Smile for starting?
Thx mate!

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I believe best choice for you is any soft acro glider. Of course, if you had SIV course. Emilie Peace - perfect. What about size - i think 20 is better than 22. It makes glider just a liitle more aggressive, but it much more easy to control it. Specially for heli etc.
For example, wha about me - i began my acro way with Thriller X3 20sqm after SIV with EN-B glider. My TOW is also 90-95 kg.
Fly safe, my friend ;)