Agility 17 impressions

Hi everybody!
I wanted to share my impressions with the Agility 17, if it can be of any use to other pilots.

I used to fly with an Emilie peace 18 (also tried Trickster 1, Nikita 3, Nikita 5). My total weight is 85kg. I'm not a very good pilot (so i need a wing that will tolerate a few mistakes) but i enjoy flying acro, especially heli connections, tumblings, mactwist,... even when they're not perfect.

First of all, the Emilie is an awesome glider, very safe, and i learned the infinite with it 2 years ago.
However, I wanted to try other gliders because the Emilie is very hard on the brakes, and i have tendons issues around my 2 elbows... which makes it very hard and sometimes painful to perform some tricks (e.g. misty), especially when i fly acro for several days in a row.

I tried the Agility 19 first. Very nice, and I was amazed with the heli, which was so comfortable. The glider behaves well, but i couldn't say how it compares to freestyle wings for a newcomer in acro, because it's been a while since I sold my (beloved) Freestyle 2; it might be not-so-forgiving when one messes up (??? gotta try!).
The tension in the brakes is quite light for an acro glider, it's a delight.

However, the Agility 19 is a little too big for me (64kg naked). So i switched to the 17, which is actually a 17.5.

And... I immediately fell in love with it. I find the heli very easy compared to some other acro wings. The rythmic SAT is powerful, it climbed fast. The infinit is a little trickier (to stay perfectly vertical) than on an Emilie or Nikita 5, but if you've got the right timing it's alright saftey-wise (however i was told it's a little less forgiving if you're out of timing, especially too early on brake inputs).
The brakes are quite light, and I loved doing some misty's with it. The heli connexions work well, and in the SAT2heli the wing keeps its shape, i loved it.

I ordered one and can't wait to try it in thermals (i was told it's quite nice to thermal with it).

I hope this can make other pilots feel like trying an Agility, it's worth it!