Canopy for BASE System - instalation of slider

Could anyone of you share experiences with installing of slider on his reserve (or BASE)? Does the slider makes big difference in sense of the distance to full opening? Meaned for regular using not a "demo jump".

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I would recommend not to remove the slider. While it is true we remove slider for BASE jumps and add tailgate and indirect slider control rubber band, we do not have the luxury of a main assisted reserve deployment system, in other words, the paraglider assisting in the opening. Slider have several advantage, such ensuring proper opening sequence. I saw some horrible and sometines lineovers with paraglider pilot using a parachute without slider. They all ended up in my parachute loft for correcting their systems.
If you need assistance, Inwould recommend to contact a certified parachute rigger.

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Thank you very much for reaction. I let the slider off. Ive discuss yesterday with friend of mine who jumps(base) and for those who interested: slider on (up) is for jumps with longer free fall 4 second and more. Upto 4s usually install slider off(down).

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I myself use a Raven skydiving reserve however many people are using these for base also.

I don't know specifically construction details for base Vs skydiving canopies apartment from some base canopies having different line configurations, vents and leading edge fabric.

Hard openings are common on skydiving canopies with countless stories of broken backs and neck's from openings during free fly and tracking.

I would like to believe if skydiving canopies are capable of withstanding these forces it would be ok for paragliding rescue.

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Thx for reply. The slider off valid for base and skydive reserve as well, right? My concern was opening without slider in heavy rotation (high speed) - if it is not a big impact for the canopy (ok, the base is probably designed for, but also the skydive reserve?)

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Better to leave the slider off.

The only benefit would be to help prevent line over malfunction but with the use of tailgate and folding the tail correctly it's really uncommon.
Also the AVA allows you to release the break line if you are correctly running the brake outside the metal ring and important not to forget outside the velcro.
Besides​ you still have a round if your base canopy has issues.