Ava Acro Pro....HELP!!!

Hi everyone, Im not an acro pilot I’m just only a beginner freestyle pilot, so I don’t have experience to understand the realy reaction of some acro harness o glider. For this I need help somebody help me to understand.
I’m a 1.75 meters high and 90 kg weight. Yesterday for the first time I flown my new (used) harness : AVA ACRO PRO size L whit my base EN B Glider ROOK by Triple Seven company.
I feel good and confortable (the construction material is high quality) but I don’t feel safety when I flying (mostly if you want take some manouvre: wingovers, Sat or deep spiral) This behaves an instability way!!!. I tried to do some Wingovers and these were very dangerous (lost the timing) because I slipped and fall in the wrong side whenever I try to shift weigth, Any time I had to cling to the lines to help myself to get back to the right position (even the chest strap is closer and pullet…the same when the strap is large). I can do wingovers very high with my Sky Whish 2 Harnees and that’s is not possible for my with the Ava Acro!!.The size of sit is ok (not bigger…is perfect) but compare this harness whit other (no acro model) I dno’t feel my hips fixed and safety, I think the hang point (maillon carabiner) it is very large distance between . I try to adjust and check every anchor point ... I don’t seen other points where to adjust change. Can somebody tell me if I got something wrong or forghet something? Or if normal reaction way for this model of harness (but I do not think so!!)
So, If somebody know very well this harness model and can help me I will be very happy to listen any solution!..because I love this harness!!
Thank you so much and have a nice day!

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So glad to read you found a sollution to start loving your AVA harness ;)

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The great and incredible news. Solves the BIG MYSTERY
Do you know why I was feeling falling down any time weight shift my body?
Found the trouble! : 2 Silly big jeans Pocket in my backside pants!!
When I tried the harness I used a pants had 2 big pocket of jean in my back side….Ohhh..my Goodness I feel so stupid!!
Ava is very sensitive harness but when I changed my pants my fly and my sensation is completely changed!! Also I followed the Paal advice (Pull the chest strap as tight as possible) and now the harness are very better!! (I feel more stable and safety!!).
Thank you so mucho guys for your help!!
I hope my stupid experience can help others people: REMEMBER : Do You like freestyle ??..stay far of the jeans pants!! :D :D

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Thank's Paal, I try to remember that to tight the chest strap before fly. I hope this configuration don't interfere with some manoeuvres, I read some people (whit experience ) recommend to do some maneouvres whit an"open" (large) chest strap. But I told before. I don't have acro experience I'm only a beginner freestyle pilots, so I'll follow your advice.
Thank's man! and good fly!

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Hi Skunksbutt...if you mean at the side strap (see the demo pic attach whit a green circle) yes! it is through the carabiner ( the carabiner is like the pic, Austrialpin model).
Thank's for your help ...maybe I need keep a long week end for play with some many set up and then comparate my fly sensation whit another acro harnees. Someone was tell me he tried the same problem and he solved the problem changed the seatboard plate (a little bit small of the original...3 cm I thing) in this case he has gained more stability. But before take or try this solution I'd like play whit the set up. For me that's my first acro harness.

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And like Skunksbutt is writing. Check if you forgot to connect the backsupport strap into the carabiners as well.

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Pull the chest strap as tight as possible.
The AVA sport harnesses are ridicouless loose compared to other models.
So tighten it ALL THE WAY.... then later loosen a bit when you get the fell of the harness.

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Maybe, just maybe you don't have the carabiners hooked up to both of the attachment points. There is not just the obvious hang point but also another strap that needs to go through the carabiner. Well, I didn't have the aero pro but I did have a couple others and thought there was small chance that might help. If you did miss the other smaller strap, I could imagine it feeling the way you describe.
Hope you get it figured out, let us know what you find.

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Thank's Acromarmot for your advice, maby you're rigth and I need "understand" how worked this harness. I thing the size L it's right http://avasportcentral.com/product/acro/ .Because when I try to adjust the harness (hung a tree, for example) I feel good my hips and my backside take all the seatboard. if you read the manual of Ava Acro Harness say: L size is for people 1,73 to 1,80 mt (I'm 1,75)...and weigth 90 kg. Anyway..now I'm change the set up of shoulder strap and the lateral chest strap (a little bit more lying)...and the net week I'm try to fly and I hope whit this new configuration resolve the problem.
Thank you so much for your help!

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Hi Fragoldo,

I'm no expert but if your hips are not properly fixed and you slide easily from one side to the other I'd suspect the harness is simply too big. Your hips should just fit into the harness (not too much space but also not squeezing you in!) and you should be able to center yourself by pressing the thighs apart.

I don't know the Ava Acro Pro (I personally have an AVA Acro F1) but these harnesses are created for flying with body weight shift. Thus, they are quite agile and react very directly to small amounts of weight shift. Distance between the carabiners is quite big (which brings even more reactivity to weight shift inputs and helps to prevent riser twists). This might cause the "unsafe" feeling of yours but is needed for a lot of acro manoeuvres.

Once again, I'm no expert and don't know this particular harness but to me it sounds like a description of a nice acro harness just as it should be ;- ) Regarding the size, I'm 181 cm and 74 kg naked and I fly size S (which is pretty damn small and I could probably use a M as well). I think L is more for the real big guys and girls...

Regards ;- )