Emilie Peace 2 Wing Load


I have an Air'G Emilie Peace 22 wing. I usually do basic maneuvers (Helico, Misty Flip, Tumbling, Rhitmyc SAT, etc.)
and basic connections (Misty To Sat, Misty To Heli, Sat to Heli, etc.)
My in flight weight is 116 kg, what means 5.27 kg / m2 wing load.

I'm planning to buy a new wing. I was thinking about Peace2, but it's largest size is 20.5 m2. That is 5.66 kg / m2 with my in flight weight.

What do you think about this wing load? Won't it be too aggressive?
I also checked other manufacturers for the wing size 22, but I haven't found any. What is the reason of that?

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@yarich Did you ever see a peace2 in real life??

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don't you dare to hijack emilie threads ;)

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My in flight is 120-125 kg. I fly blackout+ 21 and it doesn't feel fast at all to me. But previously I flew emilie wild 20 and it felt slower :) I would take minimum 20 blackout plus on your place. Even on my place..but i bought 21 blackout as I fly with paramotor too and that's the way high wingload already -~7kg/m2

I don't consider airg for me due to poor quality...Blackout looks better.

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Blackout Plus is available on size 22 contact me if you want one

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Thank You!

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At the Testival in Kössen i spoke to Johannes from AirG about that. I was interested in an Emilie Peace 2 22 as well. He said its no problem to buy size 22, they just dont build this size on hold.
Just contact him, im sure he can help you. Delivery should take around 6 weeks though.