Info about Sup'Air Acro 3 size.

Hi every one ! I need some information help: So, I'm think to buy an Acro 3 SupìAir Harness but the big problem is where I live nobody fly acro-style (Rome, Italy) and for me is very, very hard know or meet somebody have the acro impossible!, So I need understaend what is my right size. The Big problem is if I used the Sup'Air guidelines table size (the supair web site), I am in the midle betwen M and L size becouse I'm 1,75 (is ok for M size) but i'm stocky build and my weight is 92 kg (ok for L size)...(yes, is true....I'm a little chubby whit a big legs) :-D :-D . So, some people say me : "hey, for your body is better the L size" other say me: "No!! L size is so bigger for you!, because for choose your just supair harness you must considerate the Height and not the Weight"..So, I'm so confused because I can't try one before buy one. (Now I'm flying un AVA SPORT ACRO size L and I feel ok for me...mabye that info is usefull)
If somebody have a body like me can help me Thank you!!

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Thanks Bro!!.. I'll to consider your advice! Is not easy because I can try this harness and the different model size! I hope not wrong!

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Ciao Cristian, size M is perfect for you!