3rd reserve on Supair Acro Base

I'm wondering if I could install 3rd reserve on Acro Base harness. For instance as a front container where the reserve is directly connected to carabiners. Does it impact wing release in case of Base deployment? Anybody tried?

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I don't think it's a good idea to put anything on the carabiner of a base system. There is a risk to disable the 3 rings release.

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Sounds right, when in horizontal position release of paraglider could end up with front container into face. So risk would be higher than benifit, will stay with 2 then.

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I fly an AVA Base (Flugsau-Edition) and also thought about this opinion. I came to the conclusion that if unpredictable complications would happen additionally (for example: multiple twists in locked spiral dive; body moving forward while executing the release-handle....) you will get scalped, hanged or anything else which would much worser than losing you frontcontainer with the mainglider. Let it be, or change to the new AVA.

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That is the whole idea: I imagine that normally I would deploy BASE, so front reserve goes away with wing - I still have one reserve to deploy if BASE goes wrong. But if I fall into the canopy, and I can't use BASE, then I would have 2 reserves.

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No, you should not! The carabiners disconnect during BASE deployment and stay with the wing (as would your front rescue)!

The current AvaSport BASE harness has two independent, conventional rescue pockets under the seat. I think you could even use it without the BASE canopy (only under-seat rescues) e.g. for tumbling training over water (to keep your BASE canopy dry). But I have no proof of that.