Waterproof gadget functions for acro?

Hello Friends!
My name is Nicolay, I am a paraglider pilot and an R&D engineer in the Ungravity project: www.ungravity.store

Our product is the first waterproof gadget for free flying. And we would be proud to build some useful functions for acro pilots, who often trains over the water. I do know at least two features, which are essential for you: G-meter and a low altitude alarm. Both are easy to implement in our product.

Now I ask you to turn on the imagination and tell, what futuristic features can you dream up in the device for acro? How do you see it in the future of our sport? How would you like to use an instrument with different sensors onboard for acro rides?

Thank you,

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Hello Friends!

Over the past month, I have collected enough opinions about the project, and it turns out that the main stumbling block is the price. We have to work a little more to reduce the cost, but we must make it by the beginning of the season. Wish us luck!

P.S. Here the first step in reducing costs: a case made of hard nylon, manufactured using selective laser sintering technology instead of casting on automatic equipment. How do you like the snowy white color?

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Thanks, Vincent! Did you know that GoPro has already added GPS support? They did it starting from 5th generation of their action cam. Although there is no vario data, you will like it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLUxXYXFN5o

But, I agree with you. Visualisation of a flight would be a very cool feature. You know, using position sensor data, it is possible to draw a GPS track in a completely new way. With the help of a 9-axis sensor of Ungravity, one can visualize not only the trajectory but also the position in space, direction, and acceleration in 3D space with high resolution.

It then can be used in such apps as Doarama and Google Earth to analyze the acro ride or share with friends.

Tell me, what do you think about this idea?
Best, Nicolay

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Hello. Nice project.
Maybe could you think how to synchronize gps data with the gopro film like this we could analyze our runs with the image and vario and gps data. But it’s most computer software than hardware.