Supair Acro3 - Size L?

Hi All,

My weight is 73kg and length is 1.84. Would anyone recommend size M or L for the Supair Acro 3 harness?

Many thanks!

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Hi Tim,

My length is around the same as yours (1,82), as well the weight. I noticed a HUGE difference in getting into the harness after takeoff when trying both M and L size. Without any footstrap, I do struggle a bit getting into my L sized harness. I bought it because the L size were the only one available at the time. Production time was crazy long so I just went with it.

If I would get the chance, I would change my L size for the M.

Take Air :)

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Hey Tim,

well, I don't think so. Page 5: Size M , Pilot size 160-190cm, weight 65-85 kg
Page 6: Size L starts with 185 cm, so with 184/75kg it's still M...

Testing is the only thing to know for sure, I'm afraid....


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Many thanks Gunar! I did check the size table. It says I need L. Pretty difficult. I will call Supair tomorrow how to know for sure.

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Hi Tim,

have a look here ...pretty detailed information on what they recommend. I'd say: M. I have almost the same size and fly S but I like the harness smaller. So M should be okay for you. Any chance to test in a
shop or something?