Ozone Octane 2 in 20 or 22 m²?

With a TOW of around 79 kg, would you rather recommend the uncertified Ozone Octane in 20 m² or the LTF/EN C version in 22 m²? I tend to the certified 22, because that's seemingly the most common/popular one - judging from the number of forum posts. I never read anything about the 20. However, due to my rather light TOW, I'm not sure if the 22 may be a bit too big and hence, too slow, for me. Any advise?


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I second that the 20 is the way to go. It’s a fantastic wing to progress in freestyle :)

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Thanks for your info, Phil! That helps a lot :)

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with only 79kg TOW i would definitly go for the 20m², i have flown the 22m² with 90kg and was not really happy with it (mostly due to the long brake travel after flying the fs3-20 before)
We have a couple of lightweight girls in our club they use the 20m², its an very forgiving wing if you compare it to other freestyle wings.