Sup Air Acro 3 reserve system

i have a rogello and round reserve in my harness, what are the benefits of "– Designed with connection points able to adapt the “Quick Out” Biners." if i get quick out Biners i can release the main glider after throwing the reserve? is that what they mean? i was hoping to adapt the base system to it

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Hey Alex I brought the FS3 from you. Its been a great wing, havnt done to much with it. I put another topic up just now. I was struggling to backfly it without spinning. I try avoid bright. The wing does nice SATs easy as. The beginner acro course is out of my budget. I remember you said a karbeiner failed

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Hi Dale.
NO WAY you can use base reserve with your harness, please do not even try to fiddle with it.
Where do you fly acro? Bright?
Rogallo is pain to repack. I hate any quick out carabiners. Used brand new Charlie 2 y ago on SIV over water> 1 st tow and this bloody thing came undone spontaneously on stall > free fall> quick reserve deployment> wet but ok.
Come for acro clinic with us , next one end of December 2018.
talk to Rafael.

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There's also this solution ;-) :-D Which, as an acro beginner, is actually my current choice.

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thanks, anyone suggest some nice quick out biners to purchase

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Yes, with Quick Outs you can cut away your main canopy easily in case of a rescue deployment. Especially useful for Rogallo type rescues, because with main glider attached, it's harder to steer them - also sink rate tends to be lower. It might also help in case a reserve gets tangled up in the lines of the glider.

I don't think you can integrate a BASE system into a "normal" Sup'Air Acro 3. You'll probably need the special BASE Acro version of the harness: