Dudek ZeroGravity vs Independence Freestyle Two

I'm an acro beginner and I'm looking for my first harness. I'm pretty slender and the Sup'Air Acro 3 is definitely too wide/large for me. I heard the Dudek ZeroGravity and the Independence Freestyle Two may be a good fit:


Unfortunately, I've never seen either of them live and also, I'd hardly have the experience to say which one is better. What would be your choice? Maybe even another harness...

Cheers and thanks,


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I have the independence freestyle II. It has a nice shape and is very comfortable. Weight shift works well. It is also probably the lightest harness of it´s type out there. I regularly do H&F with it.

On the negative side: there are lots of places where lines, especially from the speed system, can catch. The adjustments don´t hold well. It´s not as robust as an Acro Harness. There is not so much side support as an Acro harness.

If you are going to focus on Acro I´d recommend something else though. I think the Icaro Circus harness had optional side pads for slender people.

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Im 176 cm and 62 kg naked and i had acro 3 medium. Perfect choice.
if you have an option you should definitely try it.

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i have the medium, im skinny

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no help but i love my acro3. im 5ft 10 and 73kg naked