Octane FLX on a motor

Will it be a stupid fun idea to fly a 22m FLX with a TOW of 105kg (including a motor), overloading about 15 kg? Still new to freestyle, but will advance in no time if I get a chance to fly with a motor

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It kind of feels like a EN A wing that stalls more easily to me. It keeps me safe, which is the big thing I was looking for from it. If I had a complaint it would be that it's harder to inflate in nil wind than a typical paramotor wing.

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Hey Woody whats up? I just bought an Octane FLX 25 and only did a couple of flights with my Moster 185, how do you feel the wing? is it nice and easy or it may be tricky? Thanksss

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Awesome, thanks man! Are you talking about riser twist due to torque? I wasn't planning on doing acro with a running prop. How much did you overload it by? I actually just realized ill be near 120 kg... so about 30 kg extra...

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Thanks, Woody! I was wondering about the size of the wing in your vids! keep 'em coming!

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I flew Octane 2 25m on a motor. I'm not a super advanced acro pilot, I mostly work on tail slides, SATs, wing overs, loops, and tumbles lately. I was over the weight limit but it was still pretty docile compared to most of the paramotor wings I've flown.

The only knock I have against the Octane 2 is that it's fairly heavy and doesn't inflate like a my paramotor wings. On a motor I launch in nearly nil wind most of the time and it really requires a firm pull to get it inflated.

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I flew my octane 2 22 freeflight first and then motor, I motor 99% of the time. I didnt have any issues. just be aware, riser twist is a real thing and when it comes to weight shifting on a motor, its very important to really lean.