Tandem for basic Acro and SIV teaching

Hey Gals and Guys,

I am now looking for a tandem to take my wife and ultimately I want to teach SIV and ACRO on Tandem.
The reason is that in Canada you need to have a Tandem SIV if you want to be a tandem Pilots and no one offers them in Canada.

I also want to help pilots who just lack that little bit of courage to pull the commend do get into basic SIV and ACRO and demystify old beliefs...

So I don't think I will get more than 10 to 20 students a year and probably fly 20h a years with my wife.
I am 93kg and she is 47kg.
older Model Vs New ones?

Cost is not really the issue but I understand that older model may be better suited for what I really want to do?

What about the reserve? cutaway or not? stearate or not (does it exist) I may look clueless and I am as we don't have real dealers dealer in Canada were you can learn from nor pilots with experience on different glider as we are about 100 active pilots in my province (which is bigger than Europe) and most are on their second glider which most of the time is the same brand that they bought as second-hand equipment when they were student so the knowledge is not at the highest of level.

I am buying the tandem Now to be able to achieve all that in a few years with appropriate training and guidance which I have found in many of you, thanks.

I look forward to this topic to be debated and the reasons why one pilot thinks from experience and knowledge as I think this is a great tool to safely introduce to ACRO, Pilots who just need that little bit of courage to take the first steps in the ACRO world and demonstrate/train safely with an instructor on double commend.

The same thing for SIV. All maneuvers can be done and practice with an Instructor prior to doing it solo. The initial fear of the unknown that makes so many students overreact and render the manouver in a critical situation, is gone before they do it solo as they did it with the instructor first.

Thanks you all for your input!


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I don´t fly tandem but maybe the icaro Parus might be interesting to you. There is a 35m2 version which would fit you and your wife nicely and might behave a bit like a freestyler with two men. I know some people who have it and are happy - but use the bigger version for normal or commercial tandem flying.