Infinite tumble with Peace 2 22m?

This might be the year that I do my first infinite tumble. I can't find anybody on youtube that does it on a 22m Peace 2.

I'm about 93kg naked so maybe 105kg all up.

You might think, "Oh, just get the 20m Peace 2" but the challenge is that I also do a lot of paramotor acro and 20m is a little aggressive when you add that weight (122kg?). I like to learn new things over the water in a free flight harness. If I think I have it down, I bring it to the paramotor.

So, is a 22m Peace 2 too large for an infinite tumble?

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Three months have passed. I don't think I'm as close right now as I thought I'd be when I posted this. :)

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I flew Infinities with the Wild 22 and the Peace 22, I did the entrance via Rhytmic as well as via tumbling. The wingload was about 95kg. It worked fine on both wings, nice canopy-pressure and still a lot of power

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I intend to. I actually got a used Sophie 23m at a stepping stone toward it.

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Did you buy a peace2?

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Phipsi, that's exactly what I was looking for, thank you.

I appreciate the replies everybody. I think I know my next wing.

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105kg with the 22 will be perfectly fine. I did rythmic to infinity, antirythmic and also tumble entry and stall exit with the Peace size 22 with a TOW of just about 93kg, as you can see in the videos below. I'm really happy I learned it with the big size as it gives you plenty of time during the maneuver to understand the timing. Have fun and stay safe ;)

cheers Philipp

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From the airg website: Already slightly above 4kg/m² all the manouvers work smoothly
So even if you are really 105kg (and not more as suggested below), you end up at a wing loading of 4.77

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22 is fine for infinite, my Emily peace infinites fine at 115kg All up. Also i'd be surprised if you are really flying at 105kg with a naked weight of 93kg, the glider alone weighs 6kg so only 6kg for harness, reserves, your clothes etc seems a little light.. I would guess you are more like 110-113kg all up.