Independence Freestyle Two

Hi All,

Anyone out there using this harness

How does it compare to acro3/4 (I used both)?

If there is another light harness for acro then I am all ears.

Thx for all the info,

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Thanks a lot. Not really keen on doing any H&F with acro gear so that is not a downside in my book :D

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I love my acro4. Because the harness is stable the feeling of being connected to the wing is perfect. Only downside i feel is that it’s a bit heavy to hike and fly with.

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How was your experience with Acro 4? At the moment I am flying the latest AVA Acro (no idea what it is called exactly but it is 2018 model) and absolutely love it for freestyle and fun. However, when I started doing Rhythmics I find it a bit hard to stay neutral in it. So I am considering trying the Acro 4 by SupAir.
Any input will be much appreciated :)

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Yesterday, I released the chest strap and the back adjustment all the way and that helps. It's getting better for me now. I did wish they had put cordura on the seat.

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I tried the independence fs 2 for 3 flights now. It feels more unstable than the acro3/4 esp in heli. I cannot really put my finger on why it feels less stable but it does. Maybe the seatboard is narrower or hangpoints are higher..but these are not objective but just subjective feelings. I would like to like this harness :).

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I have been flying with this harness for 2 years now and absolutely love it. I had the Acro 3 for a while and never really fell in love but the Independence Freestyle instantly felt perfect to me. Some key features that really made me like it are

-Lower weight than other Acro harnesses on the market
- The reserve system is amazing and its highly unlikely for them to come out by accident
- I like that I can make adjustments with the straps in flight easily yet it doesn't slip while doing tricks
- It just feels nice to me having both reserves under the seat as opposed to one in the back

I am just under 5'11 ft 160lbs and the medium fits me perfectly. I do all the tricks with this harness, including Infinity and it has never been an issue for me. Everyone may have a different opinion or preference but for me this is the best harness I could ask for when doing freestyle flying.