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I currently use the Gin Atlas 2. However from what I know this is not a wing that does not perform nice SATs, tumbles, etc. What is a good wing to get for a progression in acro. I know a lot of people on this forum say the ozone rush is a nice one to get, any other wings you would recommend? I have heard some of the BGD wings could be nice as well.

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Nice video, clean backfly man

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I think if you check the manual, you have four risers ABCD and not just ABC, and maybe also more line of eatch letter, strongers line,s reinforce point on the fabric and the glider are desing with acro pilot to be sur they pass every maneuver "easily" i'm thinking specially for hely , construction with loading test of 12/15 g instead of 8. But in other hand regarding what you have planing and your budget. What can be interesting should be to compare this new B freestyle with the redout uturn and the octane 2 from ozone because thus freestyle gliders where really beginner acro glider not like gradient Freestyle 3 or nivuik F gravity 2 that are really advance ones even more complicate than a big size acro glider.

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I have only used BDG Epic in EnB (for some time now) and I find it a good companion in all maneuvers done so far. I bought it after seeing an SIV video ( which suggested me that it performs all the basis tricks well and so if some else can do it, I can also learn on it.
1. Firstly it is stable and forgiving.
2. SAT is superb on it.
3. Full stall point is low. You can hold full stall for long time. Backfly is also easy. The surge from backfly to normal flight is not very aggressive.
4. Spin. I could not manage more than two spins so far!
5. WingOver. For very high wingover you definitely need pressure on the outer break at highest point.
I am yet to try Helico and other tricks and connections on it.
@jabaker, thanks for your inputs. I will use your points for other tricks when I train next in Oct in Pokhra. @jabaker, please can you also share your video here with us?
@ idgh1023, you can check my SIV experience with BGD Epic here(

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Thank you! Im wondering if you can tell the difference of this two ENB Acro beginner gliders to a normal ENB one? Is there any big idfference?

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Video sent direct :-)

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I want to see the video too. Post it up. :)

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Would love to see some. Send it my way

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I fly the XS at a little more than 70kg. Seems about right for me in that it still moves pretty slow and gives ample time to correct my mistakes. I have some video if your really interested.

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Thanks, what end of the weight range/ what is your wing loading, on the bgd epic

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I have the BGD epic and like it a lot. Very forgiving to mistakes, especially in that it's quite hard to get it to cravat. Has a nice stable deep stall and heli. Depending on loading it will tumble, though I'm not sure you could get it to go straight over the top. Sat, dynamic sat, and asymetric sat all work well. Misty works good if you shorten the brakes some. Primary limitation are that I can't get it to do coconut spin due to the length of brake travel, and McTwist seem near impossible as well. Back fly is really good but the window might be a bit smaller than other wings. Free brakes recommended.

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I also use a Supair Leaf loaded at 103-105/105, it's a nice wing.

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I use a Supair Leaf (first version) overloaded. The Sat are very nice and the back fly is very easy.