agl audio warning

is anyone aware of a system (maybe just with a phone app) that one could use to provide an audio warning when a pilot is a certain height agl?

For example if you set the instrument to "zero" before towing up to somewhere around 900 meters, then when you sink below say 300 meters some sort of audio ding or beep or buzzer could constantly play, until the pilot manually turns off the alarm.

I guess I'm bored. Looks like a long winter ahead of me.

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Thanks for the ideas guys.

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from the manual:

2.2.1.Enabled​ checkbox turn this function on.
2.2.2. Alarm1(Low) warnspilotwhensinkingthroughpresetaltitude.
2.2.3. Alarm2(Lowest) warnspilotwhensinkingthroughpresetaltitude. Thisalarmhastobelowerthan​Alarm1(Low).
2.2.4. Alarm3(High) warnspilotwhenliftingthroughpresetaltitude.

with about 220€ an fully functional vario (with bt for your smartphone) with hight alerts and a small size

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The Skydrop from skybean can do it, you can enter the height above sealevel, but this shouldn't be a problem as you can read the height above sealevel bevor going to the starting place

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L&B skydiving audible altimeter are your solution ;o)
L&B Optima2 for example

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I asked the guys at Stodeus if they could code a function into the GPS lebipbip so you can pre-set an altitude call out. They were very good and actually added this feature. Now you can put in pre-set altitudes which will be called out as you pass them. I set it at 500m agl for the box at my home site and knock it off as I go through the callout. I tend not to rely on it though, it is just a back up.