Hey folks,

I have trouble to access AVAsport website. Looking for a new harness and the guys from Flugsau offer a "AVAsport acro pro" harness.
Looks pretty interesting with two rescue containers underneath the seatboard.
Has anyone heard of it or maybe tested it?
Does anyone know what's the matter with AVAsport? Is it just me being too dumb to access a website or are they down?
Last, is there ans shop offering the major acro harnesses for testing? I mean, it's nice that there're currently 5-6 acro harnesses but I have a hard time to find out where to test (SupAir, AVA, Independence, Dudek,...in one shop somewhere in the alps would be truely amazing)....

Any hints are appreciated!

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@freevali: try to contact Jack. E-mail is in his post. He was very helpful and friendly to me.

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Hi, it's not just you.
I still try reaching the website since moths, because I need some replacement parts for my BASE Harness. I even can't write an email to them.

I would be very glad if any dealer is able to send me a new pair of o-ring-loops and probably also a pair of softlinks.
Thanks in advance!

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Hi dude, I can help you out with whatever you need regarding Avasport and would be happy to arrange testing if I am around in your area. Avasport can be difficult to deal with direct and it is often better to go directly through a dealer, no matter who it is.

My email is: jackpimblett@hotmail.com