MORPHEUS NG vs Emilie Peace 2

After I learnd basic Acro (Stall/Flyback/Sat/Helico) on B Glider I’m looking for my first Acro Glider. U-Turn Morpheus NG sounds like a nice entry into Acro and about the Emilie I heard many good things. What are your thoughts/ recommendations. Thanks

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Hey Rolf me and my wife did our first stalls and sat's on a low-b glider and switched really fast to an emilie peace 2 on a wing load from 3.9-4.3 kg/m2 (my wife/me) and learned stalls heli misty etc on it and both switched to one size smaller now. In our opinion the emilie is definitly the best opinion for learning acro (size is impontant) because if this wing shoots u are able to brake it when you need it. If its thermaly u are also able to fly and land top and bla bla depents also on wing size and how good you fly :P if you like you can contact me via mail for phone nr than we can have a short talk its a bit easier via personal talk :) greetings Sigi

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Thank you Geri, looking forward to some flights together this summer!!!

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I'm also very curious about the morpheus. Hopefully some folks with experience on the wing chime in.

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I like the concept of the Morpheus, unfortunately I didn't have the chance to try one yet. But I love to fly Emilies :-) However, I am fairly heavy and not too experienced, so 22sqm is best for me. The long break travel of big wings combined with the heavy breaks of the Emilie makes dynamic full stalls and misties pretty harsh on elbows and shoulders, so I switched recently to the Sky Kooky. Also nice handling, much lighter breaks, incredibly easy to launch, but can be a little bit sneaky at times.

Anyways, you should try some, to figure out what glider and size you enjoy and what you feel most comfortable with. We have Emilies in many sizes and ages at Axalp and possibly a Morpheus NG at some point too. Finges crossed we can start flying soon!

Geri :-)

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I currently have an Emilie Peace 2 20, and I am also considering changing it for a Morpheus NG.
So I can give you my personal point regarding Emilie - you can also test it if you are in the region of Geneva, and if the virus allows us to fly again ...

the Emilie is a very good glider, but clearly for ACRO
that means it is made for doing manoeuvres, not for flying long or far ...
- very heavy and large volume
- difficult to launch if wind not clearly from the front
- performance not good. ok to stay in the air in strong conditions, but in weak conditions
- super handling, great fun

personally, I am not a "real" ACRO pilot, for this you have to fly a lot and you need the skills.
I would consider myself more like a freestyle pilot, I like helicopter, wing-over, SAT, touch and go, Wagga etc ... but I do not do real ACRO or competitions

the morpheus NG (according to description) is maybe better suited for my personal demands. Lighter, easier to launch, better gliding performance so overall better for freestyle, but still ok for ACRO tricks if wanted. BUT : it is not a real ACRO glider according to the description (I have not had the chance to test it).

so long story short:
if you want to do ACRO, probably better get an Emilie (or u-turn Blackout + or slimilar)
if you want more freestyle, and occasionally a bit of ACRO maybe better morpheus NG (or similar)