High B wing that works well for acro

I’m hoping to resume some acro training this year but would like to get the basics dialled on a high B wing that I can also use for some XC.
Pal T has shown the rush 4 was perfect for this. Does anyone have any recommendations for bit newer wing that will perform likewise of the rush 4?

Happy new year,

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Thanks for your comment Xanarz. The Punk sounds exactly the type of wing I’m looking for. I will be sure to have a look at your channel and check it out. Fly safe!

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Hi, i find the rush from Pal not beautiful in acro. Despite he is the best, the glider isn't that beautiful in some trick, just a personal opinion.

I fly a Punk from BGD at top weight range, and it is lovely for SAT, wings and stalls. I cannot say nothing about heli or misty as i dont know them yet.

The pitch is really good and the glider really playful, which is why i bought it. If you want to see few stuff from me, you can find an eponym channel on youtube.

Fly safe ;)