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Hi everybody...dont want to bored you with a classic question...but need do it! After a short time approach to "acro" with an acro 3 and niviuk fgravity 2 size 22 (naked weight 67 kilos)...where I learned sat (of course) and some lucky turns in helico.....I had to time and place for training. Actually I just fly tandem..and some solo with an old enough for few flights. The place where I fly are not so high there are spots for soaring or cross ....that s why I dont want buy a acro target is a B glider and classic harness to make sometimes some sat...stall..and may be helico. question is if I must use a classic B glider like niviuk hook.......or if is possible train also with B+ glider like niviuk ikuma ...mentor...rush..or are too much fast and difficult. Of course I mean glider in my size..about 23 meters..85...90kg top weight......
Or wich glider you recomend?
Thanks for help

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thanks a lot for your feedback!!

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Hey man.

i started to learn acro basic with an epic (low b) ultra easy !
then i upgraded for a punk (high b) to mix acro and xc. geez ! flying the backfly is still a pain in the ass now !
finally got myself a fs3 22sqm. even easier ! but definitely not safe to begin as any mistake results in big trouble !
I would definitely advise a low b like the epic, leaf(1), epsilon, or hook(i guess 4)

Fly safe.

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Hello Dylan.....thanks, yes I know Pal did it master acro with a rush......but I m not I dont know if I m able to use a "difficult" glider ....may be to much fast. Thanks for help!

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It's possible to use a B+, Pal did almost all of Master Acro with a Rush