Quickout or Paralock Karabiners with Ava Acro NG

Hi folks,

I'm thinking about adding a Rogallo and thus also Quickout Karabiners. Finsterwalder offers the classic and the new version, the Paralock.

However, I fly with Ava Acro NG and the main support strap is 42mm wide while the Paralock Karabiner offers just 20mm width at the bottom.

Does anyone uses Quickout in combination with wide straps of the harness? Dies it cause any trouble?
It's just my regular steel Karabiners fit so nicely and before spending 180€ I wanna know your thoughts...


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Thx Rami !
The classic one is somehow not favorable as it makes it difficult to swap gliders. I'm gonna rethink if I really will separate from the glider. What I've seen so far is that the Beamer seems to work quite good if one manage to stall and hold the glider f. ex. between the legs.

Regarding the harness: nice piece of equipment. So far the only flaw I could find is that you cannot change shoulder strap length in flight (but it's no biggy, would just be the icing on the cake).

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Hi Acromarmot

For the Avasport Acro NC only the classic version is recommended as the Paralock is too small. The installation as slightly tricky but with the right moves quite simple. For more infos, parts and all about the Avasport Harnesses just get in touch with me.

Cheers Rami

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Anyone who uses the Finsterwalder Quickout or Paralock and has input regarding the width of the Karabiners and main support straps of the harness?