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Hi guys,

I would like to ask your help in acro harness issues.
I am paragliding for 15 years now, doing also XC and acro (free style) flights.
I have a U-Turn Blackout+ 21 wing. Firstly I had a Woody Valley X-Pression, and now I have a AVA Sport Acro4 harness.
Now I’m thinking to buy a Sup’Air Acro4, but the relatively high connection point of the harness feels quite unusual for me (compared to my previous harnesses). I feel too stable the harness, and it’s harder to load my weight to one side.
What could be the reason for this stability? (I guess some maneuver like helico is easier to perform with it, but others like assymetric spiral must be harder.)
Overall would you recoimmend to buy Sup’air Acro4, and it’s just some time to get used to the higher stability or I should search for an other type of harness?

Thank you so much for your advices,

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check out the AVA Acro NC. I had the Sup Air Acro 3 before, never flew the Acro 4.

For bigger wings I found the AVA Acro NC better. Build quality is awesome, two rescue compartments under the seat. Not so heavy, yet sturdy. The responsiveness can be adjusted.
Only downside for me: one cannot adjust shoulder strap length in flight.


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thanks for the reply

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I used to have AVA Sport Acro and now I own SupAir Acro4. The Acro4 is no doubt the better one for me.
The hanging of the AVA harness sure is less stable, but it is also much more difficult to control and stay neutral in it.
Acro 4 just feels right to me. Stable and much more precise. I am no longer fighting my harness to remain neutral when I want to. Never had any issues with weight-shift. On the contrary - very direct and responsive.
Don't get me started on the rescue compartments. Acro 4 design there is outstanding. Simpler and much safer.
Just to make it clear - I am not saying AVA Sport Acro harness is bad. All I am saying is Acro 4 has a few key features that in my opinion make it superb. Of course the two come at somewhat different price points and everyone can make informed decision what to use.