Getting sick while flying acro ... (in solo)

Hi everybody,

I'd like to share a problem in my acro progression, I am getting sick practising dynamic maneuvers (dynamic stalls, SAT) but especially in SAT, even a simple one.
I feel good executing negative tricks like mistys, helis, full stalls but a simple SAT kills my training day.

Any advice or tips ?


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@Thomas: yeah, on your wing but where on your wing. It is a difference if you look on the outer wing, the inner wing, the center of the rotation,....

Food is a good point but also where to look.


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With time, this will get better. The visual helps a lot, but some figures are more difficult than others. In my acro plane and paraglider, I find figures around the yaw and roll axis more uncomfortable. Pitch is easy. Good health and food will help, but it is just about training training and training. With time, your brain will understand better the situation and interpret correctly the conflicting messages between eyes, muscles... So keep trying....good luck

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I try focus my eyes on my wing. I think you're right I need to repeat again and again to get my body used to the king of rotation :)


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I would try different settings of the harness; I used to get sick in thermals when I was not very upright. I would also try not to have an empty stomach, but also not too full. Also different foods, maybe something very salty or very sugary helps.

Good luck!

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Hi Thomas,

how are you feeling in a deep spiral? Same issue

As for the SAT: where do you look during the manœuvre? Is there maybe a link between the sickness and the view during the rotation?

I guess you're experiencing a very similar sickness than sea-or travel sickness. This is usually caused by conflicts between the vision and equilibrium organ with both sending different information to the brain and thus causing sickness symptoms.

I'd recommend to experiment with the rotations and the point of view. To fight the sickness I can recommend chewing ginger or drinking ginger infusion.

I found for me that it's getting better if I slowly repeat these rotations and then at some point the symptoms go away (after winter break I sometimes got sick in SAT too. But after flying some again it's quickly gone).

Keep it up, try out what's good for you.

All the best!