Looking for a d bag

Hi guys, looking for a dbag in L size.

The website's shop doesn't have some anymore.

Feel free to tell me if you got one, to be shipped in France.

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Hi guys, so got mine from AIRG, thanks for the advice btw.

I will have a course to learn packing/opening in may.

what do i need else than the bag and the release system? specific carabineers? what kind of rubber bands ?

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Hey guys, will have a look to airg one, for some reason didnt think about it :)

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Hey there!

I have a new one, didn't use it since its been a present. It's the one that was sold here on the website but a lighter version.
Write me if your interested!

Best regards

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how about the one from AirG? Works good for me... But you might need a release kit (I use the one provided by Pal).