Next best freestyle wing for thermalling

Since the Freestyle 3 is out of production, what is now the best gliding freestyle wing?

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Ondrej told me the Misti glides about the same as the Emilie.

A Supair pilot told me they have a freestyle prototype. However it is just for testing materials, and will not be sold. This is unfortunate since it has a good glide.

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What about the new UP Misti which is presented as a Freestyle Glider in the biggest size ?

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Supair emailed me back, saying acro wings are not their priority right now. No other info.

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Super happy that I was able to find another 22 meter FS3 that looks brand new. I'll be able to thermal now for a few more years, and see what the freestyle glider options are then. Maybe more 3 liners will be on the market.

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Is AirG still making the Sophie or is there a follow-up planned? As it's not on the website any more...

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I just know that any glide worse than my FS3 22m will make thermalling very difficult for me. Our mountains are shallow, so a good glide is needed, and our thermals are weak.

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a friend of mine doing pwc, so who knows how to climb in thermal is struggling to climb in emilie2 20 while doing it easily with its fs3 in same size. cannot speak about the differences in maneuvers as we did not discuss about it :)

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It depends on your take off weight but i think a bigger emilie (20 or 22 m²) is quite nice for thermalling and in my opinion way better to manoveur than freestyle wings

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Heyhey :) the Sophie was the freestyle wing (for manoveurs & thermals) and more or less like the fs3/gradient the smile was a version of the emilie with a bit softer brake pressure and a bit different trimm (in our experience a bit more punchy & faster) and the wild was a version emilie before the peace I & the smile :) hope it´ll help you ;)

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Anyone have experience with the AirG freestyle wings? I don't know the difference between the Sophie, Wild, Smile, compared to the Emilie. Decent glides?

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A year ago on Supair's Instagram, I saw a post about an upcoming Supair wing named the Freestyle. I commented, asking if it would be the spiritual successor to the Gradient Freestyle 3, since they had just acquired Gradient. They replied and said it was a completely new wing, unrelated to the FS3 design. Maybe I misunderstood, and this was the acro prototype, not a freestyle.

This summer in Organya, I asked Raul about his Supair acro prototype, and he had no ETA on completion. I forgot to ask him about the Freestyle. I also just emailed Supair about it. There is a big gap in the market! Our mountains here are not so steep, so I need a freestyle wing with a decent glide.

Maybe Supair could just reproduce the FS3 in a limited run... I'd buy one, or maybe two.

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I have owned FS2 and 3 as well as other freestyle and acro wings. I my personal opinion there is nothing like the FS when it comes to versatility from good glide into the wind, thermaling, heli connections and light break pressure.
@Dylan, what do you know about Supair freestyle wing?
I have emailed Supair inquiring about freestyle wing few months ago and their response was "there is no plan to make one"

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Yeah I thought so. I have a 22m and will look for another while I still can. The light brake pressure is great, and its energy while loaded lightly is awesome. Maybe the upcoming Supair freestyle wing will have a good glide.

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Hi Dylan, sadly i've been looking for the same thing... and ended up luckily enough to find a FS3... There is nothing yet that glide like it, with it's energy. considering a normal b glider overloaded was not matching my needs, which is why i kept patient and got mine after 6 months looking for it.
Do not buy an octane or something like this, does not glide well at all.
FS3 is the queen !

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Had Freestyle 3 and have now Emilie Peace 2. Freestyle 3 for thermals and some small XC flying was way much better. For manouvers Emillie is better.

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I was told Emile loaded at 4.6 is great. I will receive mine in fews weeks.