1st Freestyle Glider

Hello team !

I'm bright new on this forum, it's a pleasure to join you and I would like to request your advices regarding a topic where I need feedback from you.
Regarding my profile, I'm not an acro man but I like to play with my glider once I have a bit of altitude, I have aldready done several SIVs and I can do Full stalls, Wingovers, SAT. At the moment, I'm practising with low B glider, which is good to begin.
I plan, maybe next year, to follow up with a Freestyle glider and that's why I have created this topic. I have several models of glider in my mind but I don't know which one could the best to begin and I would like your advices.

As I'm a real beginner, I thought of 3 models in particular :

- Gradient FS3 22 (But difficult to find one in good condition)
- Dudek Freeway 3 22
- U-turn Redout 21

According to manufacturers, these 3 gliders looks to be good for beginners but according to you, which one could the best to begin ?

Thanks in advance :)

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Freestyle gliders are from another time.
When you have done your homework on a b wing you are ready to go on a big acrowing.
Just whatsapp me and I will explain.

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Thank you for replies Guys !
Yes, I think it's a good idea to still upgrading skills on classic B Glider before to change it.

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Keep your hook until wowo validate your tandem license mate ! :p

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I have a FS3. It's an awesome tool, it thermals great and does the tricks well. I also would not recommend it for someone in your position.

Freestyle gliders are NOT lite acro gliders. They are hybrid XC/acro gliders that make compromises in both categories. The FS3 in particular is more like a big comp acro glider trimmed to thermal and glide better, which gives it the infamous reputation of being somewhat unpredictable and hard-shooting at times. It's a wonderful tool in the right hands but is not a good progression glider.

Freestyle and acro gliders will perform the tricks better and faster IF you execute them correctly, but they will also punish you harder for mistakes. They are not necessary to perform any of the tricks except rhythmic/infinite. My recommendation is to stick with the low B until you can do helicopters consistently to both sides, and even better if you are familiar with all of the fundamental helicopter connections. If you are training freestyle over the ground, the low B will climb easier and be slower/more forgiving for training, and then you can switch to an acro glider once you have everything working well and want to clean it up, or start down the infinite progression path.

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I agree with Kyle. You've done the basics on an EN-B, now get the Blackout / Emilie with a beginner's wingloading. Freestyles shoot hard and sometimes aren't the best at some tricks or connections. They're best to fly after learning on an acro glider. I fly my Freestyle 3 in the mountains where it's hard to thermal my Blackout, and at the beach in high wind.

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Others can feel free to tell me im wrong. However I would skip a freestyle glider and get an emilie peace 2. Get a size up from what you would normally get... Id look at an emilie 22/25 depending on your weight. Just my opinion as a slightly larger size makes up for the more aggressiveness of a properly sized glider for acro.