Take off weight - is this information important?

Is it important to know TOW min and TOW max for any paraglider before purchasing it? I mean, this information (TOW min, TOW max) is available for wings like U-Turn blackout, Icaro Nikita III, whereas AirG Emilie Peace 2 does not share this information (as per this websites Technical Details page or their manuals, for each of the mentioned paragliders)? My takeoffweight is 87 kg (= body weight + harness + paraglider + helmet + etc.).

I can see wing-load is easily available or can anyway be easily calculated. What is the use of (TOW min, TOW max)? I think it tells about the weight range the paraglider support or within this range the paraglider would behave normal, so pilot must choose paraglider within this range. So what if this TOW range is not or never provided by the manufacturer? Is it that this range is not important while choosing a paraglider? Where to find this information for AirG Emilie Peace 2 (in case it is important information)

Thanks in advance!

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I think if Its a certified glider. It shows a weight range that it is certified between. The acro gliders are not certified. So its fly at your own risk