Soft links for reserve-harness connection for acro???

Anyone using these?
I only see advantages in this but can't find more info about using it for acro.
I guess if it works for skydiving and base it would be fine for acro too...

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If 2 attachement points, i used one softlink for skydiving reserve per point.
If 1 attachement points, i used two softlinks for skydiving reserve.
For info, the skydiving soft links for main are stronger than maillon rapide type 5 (working load 280kg et breaking load 1400kg).

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I will try, but I dont provide the aspirin....
Soft links were patented by Performance Designs, a parachute company. To avoid the patent, some manufacturers were very creative and found different routings. So, many different ways remain today so follow the manual. If no manual, dont use them.
Pictures shows 2 different manufacturers with 2 different ways. Difficult to see, but there is a fundamental difference.
However, the main error i have witnessed is to forget to go through the little loop attached to the tack or ring before inserting the ring or tack into the opposite loop.
Hope it helps

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i also thought about these but i was wondering if 1 softlink per side would be strong enough because on parachutes are 4 risers instead of 2 on the reserve... or do you use 2 softlinks per side perhaps?

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Could you eleborate what kind of wrong assemblies you have found so it can avoid ppl making the same mistakes? It seems pretty straight forward!

Thank you

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There are many different manufactures of soft link. I use the ones for skydiving, PD reserve are great. Be careful to assemble them correctly. Manufacturers have different methodologies. As a parachute rigger, every year, I found some wrongly assembled and near disconnection, scary...