Beginner Acro wing

Hello pilots,
I am looking for a wing to start with my Acro learning journey, my current wing is BGD Epic but porosity test shows fabric is really bad.
Can you kindly suggest a suitable wing for me to start learning Heli and other Acro tricks .
I am very much comfortable with Spiral, Wing overs and my air time is about 200 Hrs..

Wings are in consideration:
1.BGD Epic 2
2.BGD Freestyle (upcoming)
3.BGD Base 2
4.Ozone Rush 6

Thank you,

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I found my Icaro Xenus very nice and pretty safe for learning the basics, SAT, Asymmetric SAT, heli and misty.

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Thank you Xanarz.
Appreciate your comments ..

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Just get the M, being near the top of (but still within) the weight range will be good. It'll still work fine for wingovers and SAT since you don't need to be over the top as it has enough dynamic behavior, and being overloaded will make the negatives harder which is what you really need to learn safely. Plus being in the weight range will make it easier to climb and thermal if you progress to the point of training over the ground.

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Hi Everyone,
I am in the same situation and looking for a low EN-B Glider for learning and considering the EPIC.
The question is, what size to choose?
In the Masteracroclass Pal is talking about a certified wing on top of the weight range.
My Takeofweight is about 90kg.

For example the EPIC FS
Size XS - 50-65
Size S - 60 - 80
Size M - 75 - 95

So which Size would you choose and why? I heard that going too fast on a small acro glider will make the learning progress harder, but i don’t know if this also applies to normal EN-B glider as the smallest one is still quite big compared to acro glider and considering wing loading.

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The epic freestyle is the same glider as the epic 1. Same sail, same internal structure, same trim. Only difference is slightly thicker lines and a new color scheme. It works just as amazingly as the epic 1 and is the only beginner acro glider worth considering.

Hammer it until you have deep stall to heli, tailslide to heli, spin to heli, sat to heli, and twister (in that order) to both sides reliably, and then go get a blackout or emilie with wingloading of 4-5. Have fun!

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Thank you very much Xanarz..

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Hey there.

Epic one was awesome yeah...

But as we have not enough feedback on epic2 / epic freestyle, i would wait a bit to get one of these.

Base 2 and Rush 6 are definitively not suitable for heli learning, nor spining tricks, while it is obviously ok for basics like spirals, wings and sats.

Epsilon (8?), leaf 1 (hard to find) are also really good glider to learn spinning easily.

I personally still learn with a freestyle 3 from gradient, but i find it really painful for heli, maybe then an emilie in a biggggggggggg size could fit you.

BTW, you speak about spiral and wings... there is a huge road to do helis properly, and it has to go through thousands of stalls, full stalls being done to fully master the reset option. would be crazy to get into the next step without mastering this one.