Ava cutaway 2018

Hi, me and my friend have recently encountered an interesting problem with the rescue system.
The bridal straps from the two rescues underneath the seat will be crossing each other just underneath the base. So in practice there will be required to throw them in a specific order to not be hanging from your back facing with your chest to the ground.
Is there anyone out there who knows a smart solution for this problem?
The manual does not consider this at all.
Hope to hear from you
Kind regards Anders

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Jan Hecht's picture

A solution will be to pack the recue bridle wich is on top with a loose loop in the channel, so if you throw the rescue with the lower bridle first it will drag out the other bridle too but it won't affect the opening nor the hanging Position.

Even though i got the same harness i did not pack it this way, i will throw my beamer first in case i cannot pull the base.

Share a video if you perhaps try it in a simulator.