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I plan to buy a new reserve and I was ready to by a Nova Beamer 3 light version till I saw in the manual :

" The Beamer 3 light is not suitable for use in the acro discipline"

Is someone know why is this not suitable for acro ?

I know what you will say... Why do you want the light version ??? Because I'm using my harnesse for classic flights, soaring, etc as well and I don't want to be overloaded :S


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I have a light Rogallo (X-Dream fly). Opened thrice (2x involuntary, 1x in SIV) and it´s holding up fine for now.

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I will self answer my post...
I got an answer from Nova support team regarding Beamer 3 light version :

"The main reason why we suggest that the Beamer 3 Light is not sutable for the Acro segment is, that the Beamer 3 light is made out of lightweight fabrics and its limited live span. That means the Beamer 3 light fist needs more attention in handling, in inspections and it should be checked after every use if tere are some damages to guarantee a safe use of the rescue. Due to the fact that the Beamer 3 has a more rubust material we recommed it more for the Acro segement.

In genreal the Acro segement is the most likliest segment where a pilot needs a rescue also multiple times so to guarantee that the material works also after heavy use we do not recommend to use lightweight products at all."

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Krisis Rogallo Ultra Light is not suitable for acro as well...
It looks all light Rogallo rescue are not suitable for acro, but why ?