New wing advise ?

Hi there.

Flying since several years a gradient FS3 in 22sqm, (80-120kg) while being 92kg naked, i struggle with helicopter.

I ended under my rescue in organya, and recently as well in siv after several twists.

That's why i'm looking for something else that would make the learning easier.

My concern is that i'm not willing to buy something like an epic, which despite being amazing, would forbid me to keep on training my tumblings to be axed.

At present time, i can do without difficulties on my own:
Dynamic stall, SAT, Wing overs, Looping, Tumbling (one turn, not well axed).

Any hint on what to choose to be able to indeed focus on heli, but still have some fun going above my glider and be able to do rythmic sat to infinit ?

I am considering all acro gliders, and all sizes as long as:
- easier than the fs3 for heli ( i saw some instructors being afraid of it as well when spinning it)
- able to infinit.

Thanks in advance for your assistance,

Fly safe.

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Heard it before Krish, and used to have an epic that i sold to early, true, at a time where i could not own 2 gliders, so made my choice.

Epics are amazin, definitely, i understand that everybody starts with it.

But considering the flatland where i live/volume of acro per year, i insist on the will to keep being able to tumble when going to fly acrobatics.

The chance i have is that the epic i sold is in the hand of a good friend, so i'll be able to borrow it anytime i want :)

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I know this isn't what you want to hear, but just get the epic or another older low B (like an Ion 3 or an older epsilon). You'll learn with fewer mistakes and it's better just to focus on heli for a while until it's really good, and then you can go learn dynamic tricks really easy and fast. The Epics have good resale value.

But if you absolutely insist, just get a blackout with a wingloading of about 4-4.5 maximum. Know that this will slow your heli progression down, and I would recommend that you get to doing at least mistyheli and twister on the epic before you do it for the fastest and safest progression.

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Probably the best school for acro !
Be safe

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Hey Jeje, i know your story, we met each others once or twice with k2.
Not sure if i would love a faster glider while i'm searching for heli i would have time to pilot before it's getting a mess :)

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I have comparable acro level, and have a Morpheus NG. Prior I had an Emilie, but was not too happy with it. The Morpheus NG seems faster than my Emile, precise, lighter brake pressure and very safe as well. Take off are simpler and it is certified EN-D, which is better in case of accident and insurance declaration/payment. Blueskies

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why did you switch from Emilie to blackout by the way ? just to reduce size ?

I'm wondering if Emilie would be THE needed glider, or if others, typically like the blackout, would be even better to learn safely, while able to tumble in a proper axis.

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Hi there ! thanks for the answer ! always good to have feedback from people who flew different gliders !

i'm looking for an emilie 25 to start, and happy to hear that it feels slower, easier and safer with this glider compared to fs3...

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My personal body weight is 73kg i used a FS3 22m for years. Then whet to a 22m peace2. Then a 20m blackout. Both the acro gliders shoot less than the fs3 and feel slower than the fs3.
I liked the fs3 when i had it but everything feels easier and safer on the acro gliders.
The 20m blackout shoots less than the 22m fs3. Your pretty heavy maybe try either brand acro glider in 22m