Towing RR Acro Base Harness???

Does anyone have experience in towing with an RR Acro Base Harness?

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nice ;) in my opinion 265 ft suppliied bu supair is too huge and can be excessive in strong winds. I use 220ft...even downwind landing in light breeze was ok. I'm 95 kg.... why twists happened? 5 deploys on mine...from rotation, twist, simple tests...base canopy never got twisted...

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the towing bridle could get caught up when pulling the rescue. If that happenes the rescue will not work. That is the reason.

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I'm looking at buying one now but I read on the manual it says not suitable for towing. Seems it's been no problem for you! Why do you think they say no towing? I'm curious.

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Do you use the carabiners as the attachment point ??

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yes I do, a lot..