Gradient Agility

Does anybody have background info on the new Gradient acro wing "Agility"? They just posted a clip with Horacio giving it a spin:

I wonder if it's a new construction or if it's the so long awaited "Seven 2"...

You can also find some pictures on Horacios FB:

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Really worth waiting for this glider to come out.

On that though, I also flew the NG4, and while its more aggressive, the glider is incredible and also shows a huge amount of promise. Totally new design!

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I flew the Agility 17 this year, and would say it is with out a doubt the nicest glider I have flown, out of (Emilie, Blackout, NG3, Akira, Trickster, Trickster 2, 2k11, 2k12, X3).

Emilie is easier, but Emilie will always be easier, thats what Emilie is about, being an easy acro glider.

But the Agility had the lightest brake pressure I have ever felt in an acro wing, I mean, you could spin misty with your pinky finger. Felt and flew like a nice EN-C XC glider when soaring and thermalling, with brake pressure to match.

Canopy was incredibly pressurised and misty was super easy, needed little energy and spun well. Not so aggressive either, probably similar shoot to Emilie Peace. The lighter brake pressure needs more finesse which is why I say the Emilie is easier, but the Agility is a true acro pilots glider, really nice!

Amazing anti rhythmic, heli connections and super easy rhythmic to infinity too.

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Hey does anyone know when or if it will be on the marked sometime?
Will the wing be suitable for the step from freestyle into acro?

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Horracio wrote on FB it is a completely new glider.