Any Feedback on Advance Zeta / U-Turn Redout?

I'm interested in a Freestyle wing, you're allowed to use as a german Pilot in Germany, so it has to have LTF.
It's because i am working as a pilot (commercial aircrafts) and i dont want to stress with our authorities.
For the time i'm confident in Wingovers, asymetric Spirals, Sats and Fullstalls. I trained them on an Advance Sigma 8.
I'd like to make the next step, so i am looking for a wing to train Asymetric Sats and Helicopters with.

As far as i know there are 3 options:

Icaro Instinct Acro2:
I tried this one, didnt like it. Looks like a too old concept for me.

Advance Zeta:
Also tried this one. Really enjoyed it (did Wingovers, Asymetric Spirals, Sats). But i cant find any reviews from Pilots if it is capable of doing Helicopters. Also i cant find Asymetric Sat in the list of Maneuvers for this wing on the Advance Homepage.
Any feedback please?

U-Turn Redout:
Waiting for this Wing for 8 Months now. I'm really looking forward to test it.
Do you guys already have any reviews?

Thanks alot for your Help

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Redout is crazy good, the only difficult is infinity. I fly 19, good energy. Freestyle is awesome.

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Thanks for reply! I'm new to acro myself. Hope to get to try a few freestyle wings before I eventually buy one. In the meantime, I'll train on my Buzz Z4. Very forgiving and great for basic acro training :)

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Hey Fredrick, I don´t know if the Redout is good for helis, I didn´t get the chance to try it yet. I talked to a few people and some say it´s very difficult and others say it works. I guess the same rule applies here, go with a bigger size (depending on your weight try a 21 or a 23).

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The U-turn Redout. Is it any good on helicopters?

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Hey. Is it a good wing for helicopters? :)

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Well, i tested the Octane 2 some weeks ago and decided to buy it :)
Its not the most dynamic wing, but it can do everything i want to train (asy Sat, Heli).
I felt very comfortable when flying it, and i think thats the main issue when doing new tricks.
Wingovers were super easy and high, Sat needs a strong arm, Fullstall was super easy.
Better pushing an Octane 2 to its limits, then being afraid under a real acro wing when pushing it to 50% of its limits. Maybe someday, when i can heli while sleeping, i switch to the next glider ;)

Its glide is quite comparable to the Redout i think. Can't tell real facts, since it was quite windy that day with up- and downdrafts. Still waiting for the glider to be delivered.

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I'm in the progress of leaning the helicopter. And I'm doing it on a Zeta. A video of me of the approx. 40th attempt:
After an additional 100 attempts it's getting nicer, with the whole glider open all the time... if I manage to get a good entry at all, 1 out of 4. Since I'm a beginner I can't really judge, but I have the impression that the Zeta is not a very good wing to learn the heli. You need to be very precise. This week I did some flights with an Emilie 19m2 and it was easier to get into the heli.

About your other concern: The Zeta loves the asymmetric SAT :)

I heard that the Octane FLX was really good for heli. The Octane 2 maybe too.

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Kalman, please keep us updated. I'm also interested in glide ratios of freestylers. Thanks!

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Okay, everything changed...
On the U-Turn Homepage the Certification changed that the Redout 21 is D up to 120kg and the 23 is not certified yet. So i tested the Redout 21 yesterday with 100kg. I can agree that it is very dynamic and fun to fly. Maybe even too dynamic for me at this point. Also i cant see the good glide ratio. Had constantly 1.8 m/s sinkrate at trimspeed so its roughly 1:7. Also i didnt like the overall quality and the takeoff behavior. Not my wing :(

But i saw that the Ozone Octane 2 ist also LTF certified, although Ozone doenst have this info on its homepage. I'll give it a try.

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Cheers buddy,
I got direct contact with the Redout 19, take off ca. 90kg, fell in love with that wing! It is based on the Blacklight that brings an awesome glide with it, awesome stability and control but this size is also fast.... it´s not unpredictable hot, it´s just fast.
If you have to be extremely light to climb very weak thermals, I recommend the 23, otherwise you will enjoy the 21 more.
Lot´s of flights!

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Well, thanks for the answers.
I can't fly "something hotter", thats my problem, it has to have EN+LTF :(
Its because of my job and my girlfriend (she flys too, she knows when i buy a "wrong" wing ;) )

I guess i dont buy the Zeta. It was fun to fly with it 4 times, but its not really a step forward.

Your review of the Redout sounds really promising. 19@75 is exactly mid wing load. I would fly the 21@105, so 5kg above max weight. Think that would be a "step forward". Or if its too hot i'll get the 23. Cant wait to test it :)

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I fly The Redout 19 @ 75 kg. Since approx. 2 Weeks. Only did some SATs and Wingover with it until now, But it's a really nice and stabile freestyle Wing with Great Dynamic. Should be really nice for helicopters , too. also very nice glide ratio.

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I don't know about the Redout. But next to the Blackout, I think it will be similar to the Instinct 2 Acro and just a small step from training on your Sigma. Perhaps something hotter will do the trick.

The Zeta has a different layout than most freestyle or acro wings. I think it's not a stepup into acro paragliding but a pure freestyler for freestyle pilots without advances to acro paragliding (funny wording, talking about and Advance glider, isn't it :-)

Don't forget about the Ozone Octane 2 which has also EN-Certification. Previous version were called "heli machine" so it should be a great next wing for your purposes. Definitely worth a test flight!