N-Gravity 3 from Niviuk

Hello All,
I'm thinking about the new wing for acro and I'm looking on N-Gravity 3 now.

I'm flying currently on Thriller X3 17m2 (My in-flight weight around 90kg).
The next wing I would like to have in 16m2 to get more energy for esphera and tumbling connections. (I do all the maneuvers both sides).

I'm a bit confusing with the information on Niviuk official site about N-Gravity 3 - 16m2 is for the inflight weight 50-70kg! So if I go for N-G3 16m2 I will have overweight for 20kg!

Anybody flew on Thriller and N-Gravity 3? This is really have more dinamic than U-Turn thriller?

Or this is just approximate scale and this is very depends from level of pilots experience?

Thank you!
Acromyaso Team,

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Hi Brookethekiwi!
thank you for your feedback.
Actually I've received my NG3 in 17m2 and I tried this wing.
Unfortunately I see that this have less energy than I expected. So now I know that the right size for me should be 16m =(

In general NG3 is good. No stucking in heli connections, and quite soft in maneuvres.
The negative feature is - pinches bigger than thriller

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Hi Seva,
I was flying a 17m Wild13 Emilie for the past 6 months at around 95kg and found it nice, good energy and manageable speed - easy wing.

I recently went to a Niviuk Ng3 18m (1m bigger than the Emilie), and immediately found it has more speed and aggression than the Emilie. The trim is faster and the glider is a lot nicer in manoeuvres if you can handle the extra speed. It feels more like a wing you need to spend some time to really adjust to, rather than an Emilie that you can jump on and fly easy.

The weight range on the Niviuk site is just for recommendation, I would recommend if you are going from X3 and you want a glider of similar feeling, go for 18m in Ng3 - the 17m will be more like 16m X3.