Fgravity 2 wing tips

Folks, considering moving from an FS2 24 to an FG2 20, have spent quite some time with a Morpheus 19, but some of the videos of the FG2 are freaking me out with the wingtips caving in, rolling in is more like it, like a carpet.
for examples.
Is it just me?

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The freestyle 3 has a better glide rate than the f gravity. My brother uses a 20m freestyle and out performs my 22m FG2.

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I'm thinking of buying a wing freestyle and FG2 I think it's a good choice, but prefer to know your opinion. My flight area is very low and I need to practice thermal climb safely. Will this glider has good performance? Carving would recommend me to 90-95kg? Would you recommend me another wing like Octane 2 or freestyle 3 ? My flight level is 2 high 2/3 low and started with SAT, negative and stall.
Thank you very much

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Thanks folks, bought it.

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I've never had a cravat because of the wingtips rolling. They most often roll if your helicopter is really bad. But the fg2 is so easy for helicopter you soon will not have the problem.

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Hey, Thanks. I think I will go for it.

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The first video is me flying, and rolling tips never seemed to be an issue. They always unroll :)