Emilie, Redout or other wings recommendation

Hi Folk

I am thinking about doing the next step an change my octane flx for a acro wing.
i heard de Emilie peace as well as the Redout should be some great wings which one do you recommend to start real acro, where is the big difference?
Does anyone recommend me another wing like the Aircross or what about the Agility will it be suitable or better when will it finally be on the marked?

Thanks for your help



Ich würde gerne auf einen Acro-Schirm umsteigen.
Habe gehört die Emilie sowie der Redout sind super aber wo ist der grosse unterschied und welchen würdest du mir empfehlen?
Was halted ihr von anderen schirmen wie dem Aircross oder der Agility, resp wann wird die auf den markt kommen?

Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe


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As far as i know, the blackout is (almost) the same glider compared to the emilie..thats what a uturn team pilot told me. so its not a development out of the x4 or x3

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Fact is that Blackout and emilie are complete different gliders, their root is the same but over the time they have been modified (mainly trim and brakes).
I fly a Redout 19 and had 2 emilies 22 (2011, 2013) already and can only say go with U-turn but try both. You will notice a huge difference in quality (construction, sewing, finishing, durability).

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Hi folks,

unfortunately I can't compare the Emilie to the u-turn gliders (I'm flying Emilie 22sqm) but maybe you can find a way to ask Simon. His nick here is simon2 and afaik he's flying a lot with U-turn gliders but he's also flown the Emilie and in general he's a lot of experience with all types of gliders.


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Emilie is based on Thriller 2k10 if i am not mistaken. But 2k10 vs Thriller X4 is quite different i think ;)
So you think that the Blackout would be a smoother wing then Emilie in the same size? Maybe i have to give it a try :)

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Kalman, no ofence, Emilie is in fact, U-Turn Thriller :) The Blackout I fly in this spring 17m2 was very dinamic and fast.
ARGZ, if you want start real ACRO I recomand Blackout, but a bit biger size, depend how good are you :)
Best Regards,

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So can anyone compare the Emilie Peace with the Blackout? I tried the Emilie and loved it. Blackout is according U-Turn also a not very demanding acro wing ;)
Anyone here who tried both?

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hi David

thanks for the advice ;)

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I you come from an Octane FLX, I sugggest you the Blackout from U-Turn. The Redout will be too smooth for you (coming from an Octane FLX). I don't know your level, but from what I know the Blackout in 20sqm should be perfect for you.