freestyle wing for girl

I want to buy some freestyle wing or some wing good for acro for beginner.. But problem is that I have 60 kg and almost wings are big for me. Do you know about any freestyle wing which is still dynamic if It is underweighting.
Someone recomended me ADVANCE PÍ 16, its not freestyle but he sad me that it should be good for basic acro ( heli, sat, mystiflips..) but I am not sure about that.
What do you think?

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I hope that since 4 years, she found what she was looking for guys !

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Hi Kikina,

when it comes to small wings for women you'll realize that there ain't so many options.
However, please do not use lightweight material for Acro training. Not even for smooth negative manoeuvers as during training incidents may happen which really demand reliable material. Good material in good conditions is a basic...
Me myself I went down the freestyle wing path as well, and I don't recommend it. I'd recommend to use a low-level B, slightly overloaded according to your desires.
Less dynamic than the "freestyle" wings but with a good glide and the requirement to learn the timing exactly. But without the side effects of "freestyle wings" who should fulfill "all tricks, certified, reasonable glide".
Except of tumbling (OS and NS), rhythmic and what comes after these you can train everything with a low B.

Also watch Pal's video Master Acro and listen to his recommendations regarding wings, safety,...

I believe using a overloaded EN B and later changing to a forgiving "big" Acro wing is the best option.

Just my 2 cents...

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I also learned everything on a octane 22, its not the most dynamic wing but vor netagives like heli and stuff perfect, would really reccomend this for beginners acro!

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Hi, i stepped off a B wing with similar experience to you onto a 22m freestyle3.
I thought this thing is an animal, it caught me out in a spiral dive first time as it didn't want to exit the spiral. Im used of that now but first time it was scary.
I flew it for a couple years thinking it was safer than an acro glider.
I now have a 22m acro glider it feels smoother and more forgiving than the freestyle3.
I still use the freestyle3 but i no now i should have just brought a acro wing instead of going down the path of a freestyle wing. It shoots very hard. Its a fun wing once you have adapted to it

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Hi, I have just purchased a Freestyle 3 from a friend, I am a beginner I have almost 100 hours xc and I did stalls with my B glider, im feeling a bit concerned of the energy of this glider and I would like to hear a feedback on how the glider reacts, has so far on my first few flights soaring seams a very dynamic machine.

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I weigh 65kg and learnt sat, assymetric sat, looping, heli, and stalls on Octane FLX 24sqm, I loved it. The octane2 comes in 20sqm size which should go super far fast even with your weight.

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Hi, are you still selling RedOut ?

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Kikina, are you still searching for a wing? I got a U-turn RedOut 19 in special color (Top:Red/Yellow/Grey, Bottom: White) waiting to fly... It got about 20 flights total, few sats and spirals and wingovers, no sand, no water, always very well packed in u-turn tubebag.

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I want to try it ( Freestyle3), sure. and yes Aquila looks also good, but for me it will be better if it has EN-C certificate. Now I am interested in Redout 19 from U-Turn, I want to try it. do you know someone who can enable it? Or someone who wants to sale it?

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Maybe Aquila, the freestyle wing from Ícaro:
The 18m2 wing goes from 65kg to 90kg (but this info is only showed in the DE page here:

But I really recommend a test fly in Freestyle (gradient)... Its sweet... comfortable... versatile...
Will be my next wing (I'm with Emilie 22 now (with 90 all up), but for my wishes in acro, the freestyle one is more than enough, and has much more glide, with is a good point if you have a predominant flying site that has weak conditions, like mine).

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I tried Octane 22m2 and it is slow and boring for me. I have 23 Alpha and I didnt feel differenec what about speed. I was thinking about Freestyle 3, but lot of acro pilots told me that it is not good and safe glide.

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I have more or less the same weight and have flown an ozone octane 22m2, which is very good for beginning in acro (alpha5 before that.). Things like fullstall or helis are easy and the wing is very forgiving if you make any mistakes. Also it does not shoot like crazy. Right now I am flying a Freestyle3 20m^2 which is also quite easy for helico and has more energy for dynamic maneuver like AsySAT. It also flys quite good, the octane not so much.

Personally I am happy with this wing right now, maybe I progress more during summer and finally make the step to a "real" acro wing like the blackout.

Better use a wing which was developed for acro/freestyle than using a wing like the PI which is light definitely not built for this kind of stress on the material.