Hard to Launch RR-Rolling?


Sounds like a stupid question, but has somebody else problems to launch the Rolling.. or i'm the only one?^^

At first, I really like that wing! Easy to handle, helico works nice. Everything great... but when I have to launch with no wind or weak backwind i need some tries to get in the air...

The wing is fresh trimmed, but not the newest one
Breaks are short (makes launching for sure harder, but you now, its necessary.. :))
(Breaking starts at the linelocks)
When i launch, there is a little break one the wing. But shouldnt have such a strong effect.
(Starting without breaks in the hand is not really better)

The wing launch slowly, so I have to run fast und pull hard on the a risers
The wing just feels heavy.
But when i pull a little bit to hard on the a risers, he does a frontcollapse and launch more slowly

I'm the only one with these problems on the rolling?^^

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You wrote it yourself. The brakes is to short. Even acrogliders need som slak on the brakes.