Emilie Smile impressions?

Hey Guys,

What are the impressions about Emilie Smile? Is it much different than Peace? Is it more agressive or about the same?

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The website says this

"She includes all the positive characteristics that have made the Emilie Peace so popular. Little changes in the canopy make the glider even more robust. "

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I have tried when in Organya but only before the RR trim. It is very different from the peace. Not a easy wing like the peace but more dynamic and solid feel. But alot of the pilots that have tried say its not a good glider until after the trim change. The trimming involves Cutting tapes and Brake fan change.

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Hey guys,

I'm also interested. Is Smile significantly more aggressive than Peace? How about the Raul-trim-mod? Anyone tried it yet?

Thanks for your input and help!

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Bump up...
I am also very interested!
Does noone have any information?