Best paragliding for Helico.

What is the best freestyle paragliding to learn helico? thanks.

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Peace 2

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I would recommend Kooky, since I have it, everything is much easier. In my opinions brings safety and a lot of fun. Brakes on the Kooky are softer even than the Blackout, and still precise and forgiveness.
If your wing load is low is a freestyle wing but if is high is on the level of a comp glider, so you just have to choose an appropriate size.
I hope after 2 years waiting for an answer you already master helicopters ;)
Happy flights

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Or - already forgotten by jai!? - the pure original: Emilie Peace2 ;)
it comes with quality materials ONLY (porcher, liros,..)

just make sure you fly at a relatively low wingload and it will be a safe entry to acro.
For a beginner i'd say strong brakes are good in terms of feedback and stability ;)


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I say “Safe” - U-Turn Blackout plus.

Lee Tryhorn Acro instructor free flight academy when course participants are doing Acro manuvers during his courses. He recommends all beginner Acro pilots Blackout plus. (Beginners meaning: - experienced pilots with many hours, stalls and SIV’s under there belt.)
Also I have asked several Acro pilots who say Blackout+ brakes are lighter than any other gliders on the market. When it comes to spins - brakes can be very hard so you need the lightest brake pressure out there.
Every Acro pilot I have spoken to say Blackout brakes are hard but all others are harder.

Ok so I fly Blackout - after I perfected back fly on blackout, I learnt heli. No reserve needed yet. In my course one guy who was quicker than me in learning - ended up throwing his reserve on another glider not mentioned in this thread. I have seen a few beginner Blackouts on course (4) I never saw one come down on a reserve yet.

Blackout+ SAFE mistakes do happen but....
Progression to Heli. Learning on Blackout+
1st Back flys on Blackout+

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depends, where do you train above water or above ground?
you are comfortable with stalls and spins?

safe: octane
easy: blackout/peace 2

be carefull with the easy route if you are not training over water with boat and vest