El Hierro

Hi there,

I am planning my first Trip to El Hierro this Year. I am not sure yet when to go, so i appreciate any useful Information about that Spot.
I have watched many videos now, including the XC Video from Ondrej Prochazka (thanks for the nice View and the Information).
I also checked out the Island via Google Earth for the T/O spots from the videos.

But i still have some Questions and would appreciate any Information:

Is there any Statistic about how many "flyable" Days are there per Month, or when is the best Season?

Any Suggestions for the Accomodation?

I'd like to stay for about 10 days and i am thinking about a rental Car. Can you "always" takeoff from the lower Spots with public Transport or is a rental Car advisable to get to the top? And no i wont carry my Acro Equipment by foot up there ;)

Thanks for your help.