Best time for Organya?

Hi there,
which months are usually good (best) for training in organya?
is september still ok, or to early/to late?

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I was in Organya during the first week of September. We did manage to fly, but certainly not the best conditions

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thanks a lot!!

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Best time is Jun-August, where the days are the longest and the sun the strongest - to create strong thermal activity and valley wind. But there are pilots training there from as early as April till end of September.
September is usually still good, can be excellent. However with the global weather going crazy these days you just never know anymore. This season in Organyá was not very good, even in the middle of the season there were days where the valley wind did not enter strong enough or there was lot's of northerly winds...Even the most reliable flying sites in the world are failing to work consistently as they used to. We are screwing up the planet...