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I think I'm going to book flights to organya august 2019 to practise acro/ fly during winter in Australia. Would it be easy to just rock up and try find accommodation and hopefully find an instructor or like minded people to help. Can anyone recommend accommodation? Or can I camp for a month?

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Hi Dale we are in organya in the middle of august too. We will drive by car from Germany. see you there.

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send you an PM

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For longer stays, the camping is far from ideal as it's rather expensive (unless you manage to make a deal). I was there last week (low season, pool and resto not open) and paid +/-20euro/day (5.5 for spot, 5.5 for tent, 5.5 per person + tax).

Others were able to rent an apartment for 200 euro per month...

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Shane suggests car hire - buy camping gear at decathlon. I was looking at not mini but eco cars both are too small to sleep comfortable in.
Blow that - how have you done it in the past Peter?

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Same pickle here to. Have booked flight arriving 12th July till Sept.

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There are tons of instructors in Organyá. Jose Vega, Parapet Organyá and many others. Most are pretty good. If its acro advice any pilot, everyone is super nice.

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i booked flights for all of august. have not sorted accomodation yet. dave davidson stay in touch

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U can do either ... I tend to camp but others like beds

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Hi Dale!
I'm in the same pickle, looking to spend there a month or two, so far looks like camping is the only sensibly priced option for 1 person. I'm thinking about June onwards.
Keep us posted how you get on? Id be up for a flat share possibly..

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I just contacted him. All seems good. thank you

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You can connect with Fabio Fava. He is living in Organya. Make very good acro progression courses.

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For accommodation, you have several options:
- Stay at the campsite (
- Camp in the wild (you can pay for a shower at the camp site)
- rent an apartment

The cheapest option probably is to rent an apartment (if you find someone to rent it from and someone to share it with. This is tricky because they only speak spanish over there).
The campsite would be my first option, I guess you'll get reduction for staying an entire month if you call them up front

For schooling:
I've never seen an instructor in Organya, I guess you won't find any. On the other hand there are a lot of (extremely good) acro pilots who will probably share all their knowledge in exchange for a beer :-)