Organya or Garda lake

Hi guys,

As a newcomer to acro world as on this forum, i'm planning to improve my skills next September after an SIV with friends of mine.

From 13 in the evening to the 20 during the day, we, my friends and I, are looking for the best place to go, from Annecy.

Organya is around 8h driving while 5h30 for Garda lake. And we live in north of France which sucks for the way back home which is why i hesitate.

How is it to reach the take off when doing multiple runs in Organya ? What about Garda lake, is the funicular close to landing zone ? still open in mid September ?

Do you have some details to add to help me find the best place to go, thinking of the fact that we want to raise our noobies acro skills, but also could do small XC ?

Also, if the main take off is not appropriated is there enough B plan in these two locations ?

Thx a lot,

Fly safe!

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thx for your comment Fabian ;)

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Organya has very strong conditions, which allows you to do a lot of runs in a day. If you want to take advantage of that, Organya is definitely a magic place.

Keep in mind that most beginners only go for 2 runs a day. If you are at that level, lake Garda is definitely better: you can relax between runs, have time to think some things through, discuss, ... instead of rocketing up next to the mountain before starting your next run.
On top of that, you have water and +-1500m to play with and you can simply do top to bottoms if you are a beginner

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Ok guys,

thx for the comments, i'll take my final decision anyway after checking the weather obviously :)

Moreover we have a new pilot with us, he is a beginner and it will be also up to him to check where to go according to his ambitions :)

Still looking for more infos if some are reading this !

Thx again,

fly safe !

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Theres an instructor in organya also. Fabio Fava. He is great

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Last season in organya. By the end of august there wasnt much thermal activity. I think you would need to be there in august to have the best time. By September its probally over

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Ive been to both several times. I think many would agree if you are just getting out of an SIV and are attempting tricks that may be more advanced (generally more likely of a reserve toss) I would choose Lake Garda for that. Organya is absolute magic, however if you want the extra safety margin of the water I would suggest garda. In garda there is a bun that goes back and forth to the lift station every hour so you would not need a car. In Organya you can either top land (which can be difficult if you are newer) or bottom land and either find a ride with a friend/another pilot or walk. I would not suggest walking if you have to bottom land 3-4 times daily.

Hope this helps,

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Thx but I'll be there mid September ;)

How do you reach the take off from landing zone?

If it possible by foot? Do you need to share a car? The question if in my mind as doing 3000km total with one or two cars isn't the same at all!

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August in Organya is great. The thermal activity is very strong. You climb very fast the go out over the flat. I flew a 5 hr flight last year, some of the guys fly alot longer than that. Many acro runs per day.
I have not been to lake garda